February 2014

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ACT 2015: One goal, many voices

United Nations World Youth Report: Youth and Migration

The United Nations World Youth Report “Youth and Migration” offers a broad understanding of the situation of young migrants from the perspective of young migrants themselves. The report highlights some of the concerns, challenges and successes experienced by young migrants based on their own lives and told in their own voices. More information..

News from UN Offices

UNDESA: Report on Adolescent Fertility

UNDESA launched the UN World Youth Report “Youth and Migration”

On 14 February 2014, the Division for Social Policy and Development in UNDESA launched its flagship UN World Youth Report “Youth and Migration”. The report is based on the experiences of young people affected by migration and relates the stories of individuals as they move to new lands. The report outlines the global situation of young migrants by highlighting some of the concerns, challenges and successes experienced by young migrants as told in their voices taken from a series of online consultations and surveys organized by the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA). To launch the report, UNDESA organized an event that featured young artists in portraying the lives of young migrants through different art forms, including poetry, dance, acting, film and music etc. More



2013 World Youth Report “Youth and Migration”

UNAOC & IOM: Plural + video competition

The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) again invite YOU to submit original and creative videos focusing on PLURAL+ themes: migration, diversity and social inclusion. A prestigious international jury will select three winners in each age category (9-12, 13-17, and 18-25). International Jury winners will be invited to New York, all travel expenses paid, to present their work at the PLURAL + 2014 Awards Ceremony at the Paley Center for Media in December 2014. The PLURAL+ 2014 deadline for video submission is 27 June, 2014. Further information, including guidelines, regulations, awards, and the entry form can be found at the PLURAL+ website at: www.unaoc.org/pluralplus.

ILO: Doha Evidence Symposium

ILO: first Arab States Regional South-South Development Expo (18-20 February)

The first Arab States Regional South-South Development Expo is taking place in Doha, Qatar on 18-20 February. The ILO hosts a Solution Forum presenting a series of good practices and lessons learned on South-South and triangular cooperation on the theme of Youth Employment. The forum will involve representatives from governments, workers’ and employers’ organizations in order to gain a better understanding of the interrelation of labour standards, employment creation, social protection mechanisms and social dialogue in tackling youth employment. More



ILO: Work4Youth Regional Conference

UNFPA Palestine celebrates the launching of the Youth Peer Education Network (YPEER)

UNFPA, along with national partners celebrated, for the first time, the launch of the YPEER network in Palestine. Fifteen young women and men were brought together from different parts of Palestine to promote healthy lifestyles for youth, to raise awareness about sexual and reproductive rights and to empower them to prevent and protect their young peers from HIV/AIDS and gender-based violence. To learn more about YPEER Palestine, please visit the below link to the short documentary prepared by YPEER members: More


ECE: International Conference on Population and Development

UN-Habitat: call for application to the Urban Youth Fund

UN-Habitat opened its 6th call for application to its Urban Youth Fund on 15th February. The Urban Youth Fund gives grants to youth-led organizations globally. Since its inception the Fund supported 238 youth groups. Youth groups that wish to apply for funding have to visit the application portal. The deadline for applications is 15th April. The youth groups have to be youth-led and registered at least for one year. For any questions, contact: eric.luguya@unhabitat.org More

ECLAC: Regional Conference on Population and Development

UN-HABITAT announces new Youth Mentor Program

UN-Habitat has kicked off a new and exciting opportunity for people who want to mentor youth-led organizations from around the world and help them to become active citizens in their communities and to bring global change. This is a unique opportunity for grassroots organizations, experts and consultants to work with leading youth groups, and take youth empowerment to the next level. More


ESCAP: 6th Asia and Pacific Population Conference

UN-HABITAT: fifth World Urban Youth Assembly, Medellin, Colombia, 7 April, 2014

UN-Habitat is hosting the Youth Assembly during World Urban Forum 7. The assembly under the theme “Youth and The New Urban Agenda” examines the importance of youth as drivers of positive change for cities. Discussions will examine the impacts of youth unemployment in urban economies and identify the role of cities in creating decent jobs and livelihood opportunities for youth. Participants at the assembly will have the opportunity to deliberate and make recommendations to better inform the Post-2015 agenda and Habitat III processes. More


ESCWA: Regional Conference on Population and Development

ECA: Youth focus in Africa

In 2012, the ECA redefined its strategic vision and recalibrated its progarmmes to support Africa’s transformation. In this endeavour, ECA has put youth as one of its areas of focus by establishing a population and youth section. A major part of ECA’s work on youth is conducting research and analyzing trends and policies in some priority areas, notably in the areas of education, employment, and the participation of youth in society and decision-making. ECA also provides technical support to its member States on policies relating to youth. More


ECA: International Conference on Population and Development in Africa

UNV Kazakhstan: Google+ Hangout “Let’s Volunteer Together”

UNV Kazakhstan hosted a Google+ Hangout “Let’s Volunteer Together” on January 29, 2014. For the first time international UN Volunteers, together with young local volunteers shared their experience with audiences in Kazakhstan and elsewhere. The conversation focused on the challenges volunteers face and the solutions they can offer for the development of Kazakhstan, considering the Post-2015 development process. The hangout successfully connected volunteers and young people who are interested in becoming “change-makers” in their communities. For more information, visit UNV Kazakhstan’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/unvkaz.


WFP Hunger Quiz

UNV- Arab Region: Empowering Youth through Volunteerism

Through the unprecedented social transformations taking place in the Arab states, young women and men in the region have proven to have the energy and passion to take the development of their countries in their own hands. This is why the United Nations Volunteers (UNV) programme initiated a regional youth volunteering project “Arab Youth Volunteering for a Better Future” to be piloted in five countries (Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia and Yemen). “Volunteering has helped me grow as a person, made me stronger, more organized and happier. It made me feel like I have a purpose, like I have the power to change the world, one little step at a time,” says Amel, a 24 year-old Tunisian who has dedicated most of her free time to volunteer for health education in her country. More


Youth in Action

The Jellyfish Project

United Network of Young Peacebuilders: A Post-2015 Development Agenda for Young Peacebuilders?

As the Open Working Group’s eighth session comes to an end in New York, the United Network of Young Peacebuilders (UNOY) considers the role of youth in peace and security agendas post-2015. Is a future possible where the discourse on youth as victims or perpetrators of violence transforms into one that recognises the potential of young people as peacemakers? And will there be a space for young peacebuilders to secure resources, government commitments and funding through their inclusion in the post-2015 development agenda? More




The Conscience of Europe

Restless Development: A people-centered vision of governance

Young people and Restless Development representatives attended the 8th Open Working Group (OWG) on the Sustainable Development Goals meeting in New York. As governance was identified as a post-2015 priority in global youth consultations, representative from Restless Development, Victoria Forsgate, discussed how the agenda can deliver a people-centred rather than state-centred vision of governance. Restless Development also outlined the recommendations of a recent civil society proposal for a stand-alone goal on governance and targets to be integrated into the other goals. More


The Jellyfish Project

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts: Young women bring grassroots MDG experience to a global stage

20 young women from the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts are preparing for the 58th UN Commission on the Status of Women. Nine delegates in New York and 11 ‘Remote Delegates’ will be bringing extensive grassroots experience of working towards the Millennium Development Goals and will ensure the voices of 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and their communities are heard at the UN. More




The Conscience of Europe

Green Hope UAE: Spreading awareness on SCP and 10YFP in Dubai's schools and beyond

Green Hope UAE was founded to carry forward the Rio legacy with the active engagement of the children and youth in the Middle East region. We have been spreading awareness on Sustainable Consumption and Production and UNEP's 10 Year Framework Plan through our workshops in Dubai’s schools explaining the need to shift to a sustainable lifestyle by adopting environmentally friendly consumption patterns , waste reduction and practicing resource efficiency. More



UNDESA: Report on World Social Situation 2013: Inequality Matters

Published by the Division for Social Policy and Development (DSPD) of UN DESA, the report places special focus on policy and disadvantaged social groups, in addition to examining the consequences of high inequality. The report illustrates that growing inequalities can be brought to a stop by integrated policies that are universal in principle while paying particular attention to the needs of disadvantaged and marginalized populations. It reminds world leaders that, in addressing inequalities, policy matters. To read the full report,click here.

UN-Habitat: Advancing Youth Civic Engagement and Human Rights

UNDESA: The World Economic Situation and Prospects 2014

The World Economic Situation and Prospects 2014 reports that the global economy is improving but remains vulnerable to new and old headwinds. Global economic growth is forecast to accelerate from a sluggish 2.1 per cent in 2013 to 3.0 per cent in 2014 and 3.3 per cent in 2015. The report warns of the risks associated with the upcoming unwinding of quantitative easing programs in major developed economies. More


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