Closing Ceremony of the International Year of Cooperatives

The International Cooperative Youth Statement 2012 was presented during the Closing Ceremonies of the International Year of Cooperatives at the United Nations on November 20, 2012. The statement outlines the relevance and potential of cooperatives for youth empowerment and employment - especially in relation to these difficult and challenging times for young people throughout the world. The statement makes recommendations to national governments, international organisations and the international community, educational institutions, civil society and the cooperative sector on how to promote cooperative youth empowerment. Furthermore, it is intended to inform international policy dialogues beyond the International Year of Cooperatives 2012.

The statement was developed through an open and participatory approach consisting of an online survey; a discussion fora on Facebook and at the United Nations on November 19; and finalization of the statement by a group of young people committed to cooperative development. Through this process, young people from all over the world shared their experiences and insights regarding youth empowerment and engagement with cooperatives.

The final statement can be downloaded here. Everybody is invited and encouraged to put weight on the messages of the statement by signing and supporting it through accessing