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International Year of Cooperatives (IYC)

So what exactly are cooperatives? What differentiates them from other forms of business? What are the advantages of cooperatives for members and communities in general?

Cooperatives are business enterprises owned and controlled by the very members that they serve. Their member-driven nature is one of the most clearly differentiating factors of cooperative enterprises. This fact means that decisions made in cooperatives are balanced by the pursuit of profit, and the needs and interests of members and their communities.

Cooperatives take many forms and operate in all sectors of society. Most share a unique set of principles which keep them attuned with their member-driven characterization. Click on the links to the right, our check out our Resources page for more information on what cooperatives are and what they do.

You can also share your knowledge and experience as a cooperator by getting involved in our "Cooperatives Areā€¦" social media campaign, designed to spread the word on the nature and impact of cooperative enterprises


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